Six modules

A new cycle of six modules lasting two years started in March 2020. HSeT is responsible for the organisation and the e-learning content of the programme.

1. Salt, Water and Hypertension
2. Acid-Base Homeostasis
3. Calcium and Phosphate
4. Oxygen Signalling and Cancer
5. Metabolism and Kidney Function
6. Inflammation and Immunology

The modules consist of face-to-face and/or online kick-off and return sessions with lectures and group presentations and an e-learning part during which participants review reading material, take quizzes, read key articles, explore clinical cases and prepare individual and team work presentations.

Timeline example: in order to minimise traveling for face to face sessions, the end of a module corresponds with the kick-off of the next module: 3 modules and 3 face to face (or videoconference) meetings per year.
Example for 2 modules  
Timeline example for one module  

Last update: Wednesday, April 7, 2021
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