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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)
in Translational Nephrology


The programme will provide relevant insights into the basics of nephrology by studying the physiological and pathophysiological bases of kidney function in health and disease. Starting with key articles from the literature and with clinical cases illustrating the translational aspects, the relevant topics will be explored by distance e-learning modules including face-to-face sessions (blended teaching) with module leaders and tutors, access to annotated online-resources, self-guided learning, presentations, and assessments.

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn how to read critically articles and clinical cases and extract the most relevant information. Furthermore, they learn how mechanistic understanding of pathophysiology is derived from the investigation of clinical cases, studies and experimental models.


Starting in 2012, HSeT has developed a blended e-learning course in Translational Nephrology commissioned by the Swiss consortium NCCR Kidney.CH for the education of its PhD students and postdocs.
The TN course is now recognized as a CAS/DAS of the University of Bern which is open to national and international graduates. This advanced study program officially started in March 2017.
A new cycle of six modules lasting two years started in March 2020. HSeT is responsible for the e-learning courses of the programme.

Timeline example: in order to minimise traveling for face to face sessions, the end of a module corresponds with the kick-off of the next module: 3 modules and 3 face to face (or videoconference) meetings per year.
Timeline example for one module  
Example for 2 modules  

Six modules

1. Salt, Water and Hypertension
2. Acid-Base Homeostasis
3. Calcium and Phosphate
4. Oxygen Signalling and Cancer
5. Metabolism and Kidney Function
6. Inflammation and Immunology

The modules consist of face-to-face and/or online kick-off and return sessions with lectures and group presentations and an e-learning part during which participants review reading material, take quizzes, read key articles, explore clinical cases and prepare individual and team work presentations.


Target audience & admission requirements

Graduates and postgraduates in medicine or life sciences interested in strengthening their knowledge and understanding in renal pathophysiology and research (e.g. biologists, MDs, veterinarians, pharmacists and FAMH graduates and candidates).
A master degree or equivalent in medicine or life sciences is required. The courses are limited to a maximum of 24 persons.

Credits and  ECTS

The NCCR Kidney.CH recommends this course for granting 3 ECTS points per module.
The CAS requires the completion of all modules (18 ECTS). The DAS (35 ECTS) requires the completion of all modules, documented scientific achievements (e.g.  a publication in a peer-review journal) and active participation at conferences, retreats or relevant workshops.
CME: The Swiss Society of Nephrology (SGN-SSN) grants 8 CME credits per module. 


Possibility to board the program at any time during the cycle.
Next opening: Module 5 Metabolism and Kidney Function (July 2nd 2021).

For more information and registration (until June 15, 2021): Advanced Studies in Translational Nephrology CAS/DAS


The fee for the CAS study programme is CHF 3’000.- (CHF 2’500.- for 6 modules and CHF 500.- for final exam and certificate). Single modules can be booked for a fee of CHF 500.-
The DAS study programme costs CHF 4’000.- which include the CAS study programme and the final exam.
The program is free for the members of the NCCR Kidney.CH network NCCR Kidney.CH


François Verrey, Course organizer CAS/DAS Translational Nephrology, email: francois.verrey@uzh.ch
Hélène Girard, Adm. Assistant CAS/DAS Translational Nephrology, e-mail: helene.girard@uzh.ch
Juliet Manning, Scientific Project Manager NCCR Kidney.CH, e-mail: juliet.manning@nccr-kidney.ch

Partners and sponsors

The eTraining website is the result of a collaborative effort between NCCR Kidney.CH, Health Sciences e-Training (HSeT) Foundation and the Swiss Universities of Bern (leading house), Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva.

This programme is endorsed by the Swiss Society of Nephrology.



Creative Commons License Content and learning activities are available under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - No Derivative Works 3.0 License

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